Sunday, January 8, 2012


I just started a tumblr, so if you have an acount feel free to follow me over there too! :)  It's very possible I'll be posting on there more often than here....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I finally did it....for ages now, I've been wanting to set up a new blog and here it is!

Same name, same person, but with significant changes.

I started my last blog several years ago and it just no longer feels like me at all. I have changed so, so much in the past year or two, and felt like every post I did lately was just pointing out that fact. However, I still want to do some blogging (time has a way of eating up any spare minutes you're lucky enough to have in the first place) and finally realized that I was just going to need to start a completely different blog if I wanted to feel like I could post freely.

My guess is that most of you already know me, whether from my previous blog or in real life, but if you don't this is a brief overview of me:

freshman in college, studying music and dance
lover of words
hard-core listener to music
caffeine addict
lover of the weird and beautiful
has obsessions with owls, cellphones, greek mythology, clothes, and sharing my thoughts with the world